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That makes him look like a social climber, But I think his personal ambitions only come on in the second half of the film and knowing of his lonely childhood made him empathetic to me.
Indee d, the ire directed toward Mary Todd Lincoln in one review of Behind the Scenes shows the anxiety generated by alleged social climbers.
Social climber Mrs Bennet (Alison Steadman) can barely contain her delight when dashing bachelor Charles Bingley (Crispin Bonham-Carter) moves into the neighbouring Netherfield Park estate.
The index of social aspiration said that for every social climber, there's a reverse snob, with more than five million 'working class' earners on incomes of pounds 50,000 or more.
Tommy's son Lionel is played by George Cole and his grandson is Dave Hicks (Brian Capron), village mayor, shady property developer and a social climber who's desperate to get revenge on the Hammonds - but just because he killed in Coronation Street, will he do so again in Midsomer?
Sure, one could probably "learn" a lot from the book and apply the tips to actual life, thus becoming a successful social climber, but that makes the book feel sort of horrifyingly tasteless instead of just plain enjoyable.
Social climber Mrs Bennet (Brenda Blethyn) can barely contain her delight when dashing bachelor Charles Bingley (Simon Woods) moves into the neighbouring Netherfield Park estate.
But for actress Patricia Routledge, who played TV's shameless social climber, today's royal accolade is real.
The rest of the cast are excellent too from Nighy's father, full of self-loathing because he can no longer provide for his family, to Byrne as the determined social climber.
She finds a rare image of a poor woman in the autobiography of the great social climber Thomas Platter; that we see only glimpses is a fact from which she infers that Frau Platter got little esteem or solicitude from her husband.
Bourgeois Gentleman, The Comedy in five acts by Moliere, gently satirizing the pretensions of the social climber whose affectations are absurd to everyone but himself.
Such examples contradict those critics who alleged Laski was a social climber seeking to ingratiate himself with those in power-though both books confirm there is some truth to the charge that Laski dropped first names of prominent people and exaggerated his role in critical political situations.