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International Chamber of Commerce

The largest business organization in the world. It provides arbitration services for disputes between member companies in different countries. The ICC also examines potential policies and other measures that can be taken to promote international commerce. It was established in 1919 and maintains its secretariat in Paris.

Interstate Commerce Commission

A former organization of the U.S. federal government established to regulate railroads. Among other things, it ensured fair prices for consumers and attempted to prevent racial discrimination on rail. Its jurisdiction was later expanded to include trucking. It was established in 1887 and was abolished in 1995.
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As such, there is a compelling argument to implement smart cards for logical access.
and you factor in the price of smart card readers that can cost upwards of $700 apiece, converting a campus from magnetic stripe or low-tech cards to smart cards can be a daunting financial proposition.
Butterworth helped launch a smart card loyalty e-purse system for Starbucks, where the customer receives a 20-percent discount on purchases through a stored-value card at Starbucks locations.
So far, most of the companies that make smart cards have had experience producing laminated cards or have a background in integrated-circuit packaging.
To provide an appropriate degree of security and authentication, smart cards typically incorporate additional circuitry for encrypting digital information.
These facilities are now trying to imprint a digital image of the car on the smart card so that the cardholder leaves the garage in the same car in which he or she came.
In addition to this they will have to ensure that they undertake effective education and training campaigns to ensure that end-users are fully aware of the benefits and functionalities of smart card technology.
Implementing the SmartMIPS architecture's cryptography enhancements brings a higher level of smart card processing security to the MIPS32 4KSc core by adding special instructions designed for efficient cryptography processing.
Smooth integration with the existing systems is going to be the key for success in the nascent smart card markets.
If the field test is successful, 1st eTech will expand the Hitachi smart card solution to selected markets.
Which markets will see the biggest increase in demand for Smart Card and Biometric ID Systems during the next 12 to 24 months?
Presently, the smart card market is showing unprecedented growth with most of the countries utilizing this technology in a wide range of applications.