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Eleven of the study lakes were affected by thaw slumping, while the remaining 11 lakes were unaffected.
Therefore when the lake experiences thaw slumping, Pelletier's model says the lake grows more in the downhill direction than it does uphill, generating the lakes' characteristic elongated-egg shape.
Before slumping into loss-making territory last year, the company was posting profits of just 1% to 3% of sales, well below the industry average of 3% to 6%.
If China actually experienced a recession with slumping investment, unemployment could increase sharply and threaten the country's political stability.
The scarce, indirect observations of submarine landslides now available suggest the slumping sediments can travel swiftly, says Steven N.
the flesh of your mind stretched by an idea ..." rambles the sound track; meanwhile, in their sheer, lumpen thingness, the vast, bloated, slumping pumpkins ungraciously refuse to serve as metaphors for sculptures, ideas, or anything else.