sleeping beauty

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Sleeping beauty

Often used in risk arbitrage. Potential takeover target that has not yet been approached by an acquirer. Such a company usually has particularly attractive features, such as a large amount of cash, or undervalued real estate or other assets.

Sleeping Beauty

A company, especially a start-up, that might make a profitable takeover, but has not been approached by a potential acquirer. Qualifications for a sleeping beauty include high potential with bad management or perhaps an undervalued share price.

sleeping beauty

A firm with valuable assets not effectively used by its management. Such a firm has high profit potential and value and is therefore a prime candidate for takeover.
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WAKEY-WAKEY Cast of Sleeping Beauty at Belfast Castle yesterday
One knee-jerk response is that, no matter how often Sleeping Beauty is put to sleep, woken up and drugged, the probability that a fair coin comes up heads is and remains 1/2.
The acquisition gives Immusoft a license to use the Sleeping Beauty Transposon System for MPS I, and license options for hemophilia and inherited lysosomal storage disorders.
and Sleeping Beauty followed, while last year Edward Scissorhands enchanted theatregoers.
Both companies have more than 42 dancers and the first company will be in Cardiff for Christmas as The Nutcracker closes on Christmas Eve and then Sleeping Beauty opens just three days later - after a rehearsal in between.
Sleeping Beauty is at Venue Cymru until December 29.
Nao Sakuma as Princess Aurora and Chi Cao as Prince Florimund in Peter Wright's The Sleeping Beauty
This year stage and TV actor Sam takes the roles of director and Henchman in Sleeping Beauty - their 15th time performing panto together.
So says Clara, played by Rachel Blake, the madam of the brothel for the wealthy octogenarians in Julia Leigh's film Sleeping Beauty.
Sleeping Beauty will star Andrew Lancel, Coronation Street's bad boy Frank Foster, as Carabose the Wicked Wizard and Master of the Underworld.
Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty, however, is a different set of tights all together.