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The Alaska District also issued a general directive favoring alternative means of accessing offshore oil, such as slant drilling from the shore, over causeways.
BP ultimately dropped the causeway in favor of slant drilling (which, in fact, proved quite profitable, as slant drilling allows greater recovery).
They show that some impacts are more acceptable with slant drilling (very low impact on fish population) and some are better with the causeway (water quality).
By comparing the total area of boxes favoring causeway (shown black) with those favoring slant drilling (cross-hatched), we have an indication of which option is preferred.
Although uncertainty may be important for a risk-averse decision maker, if the causeway impacts are plausibly no more uncertain than for slant drilling, the causeway would still be preferred.
Slant drilling already is allowed beneath portions of the Santa Clara River Valley's Sespe Creek and Piru Creek.
Board members have maintained that neither the gas pipeline nor the slant drilling is dangerous, though the projects have raised safety concerns among community members.
We don't see too many that have slant drilling or onsite drilling for oil on school campuses.