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In order to address the concerns related to univariate normality value of skewness and kurtosis for both subscales and overall scale were calculated.
2013) were simulated by generating distributions with values of skewness and kurtosis ranging between -1 and 1.
The above results provide evidence that the returns from the strategies under study are not explained by specific risks to each asset, at least measured as volatility and skewness.
The skewness issue is present in undiversified portfolios.
Skewness (2), on the other hand, is a dimensionless parameter denoting the presence or lack of symmetry in the distribution.
In addition to examining these possibilities, we probe how skewness changes across different firms sorted by median wage.
The research methodology was based on the links between distribution skewness and balance risk.
They found that the interest rate differentials are negative associated with realized skewness, interpreting this result as a measure of crash risk.
Given the difficulties inherent in existing ED based TOA estimation algorithms, a 60 GHz NN based TOA estimation algorithm is introduced which employs the kurtosis, skewness, and curl of the energy block values.
Skewness was a measure of asymmetry of the data around the sample mean.
By applying the l-diversity concept to the sensitive attributes, it suffers from similarity attack and skewness attack where the individual's information can be revealed based on identifying the probability within the equivalence class which is called as probabilistic inference attack or skewness attack.
On the other hand, skewness at all depths is positive and quite close to values of a normal distribution (that correspond a zero value of skewness), again with the highest value at 0 cm depth.