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An active asset management strategy that tactically overweighted and underweighted certain sectors, depending on expected performance. Sometimes called sector rotation.
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Sector Rotation

An investment strategy in which a portfolio overweights or underweights certain sectors in accordance with expected performance. Sector rotation is a form of active investment management; the portfolio manager observes market trends and alters the composition of the portfolio in order to earn the highest possible return. Sector rotation is fairly high risk, as a portfolio's systematic overweighting and underweighting means that is not efficiently diversified. See also: Markowitz portfolio theory.
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In the buttonhole technique, we do not want to retract the skin as we do in site rotation because when the skin returns to its original location, it could move the needle tip out of position.
Good injection practices--such as injection technique, site rotation and proper needle use--are as important to glucose control as are the type and dosage of insulin.
Using a SC site rotation chart to vary injection sites within the same anatomic region rather than between different regions is recommended because it may help diminish variations in drug absorption.
Once the AVF is deemed ready to be used for dialysis, the team makes a recommendation regarding a cannulation plan (site rotation vs.
In the United States, the rope ladder and site rotation techniques are commonly utilized for the cannulation of arteriovenous fistulae (AVFs).

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