single-room occupancy

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single-room occupancy (SRO)

A type of housing in which residents have a private bedroom, but share other communal features such as a kitchen,bathrooms,or entertainment areas.It may be very-low-income housing,student housing,or elder housing.Some very expensive condo and co-op projects include SRO space set aside for domestic help employed within the buildings,because the employees could not otherwise afford to live near where they work.

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The center will have 25 dormitory-style emergency beds and 15 beds in single-room occupancy space.
The building isn't licensed to be a hotel; the certificate of occupancy is valid only for single-room occupancy apartments, deeming it "illegal use in a residential district," according to an inspector's note on the Department of Buildings website.
a four-story single-room occupancy building in New York City, for $355,000.
Kelly, commissioner of Inspectional Services, said the city stabilized - that is, kept or made inhabitable - 27 units of housing and 65 single-room occupancy units through the receivership program during 2011.
The Ace's top two floors, meanwhile, will house people who have lived in the building in recent years, when the hotel was a single-room occupancy facility, and who are choosing to stay put, according to GFI Development Company, the project's Manhattan-based developer.
Acquisition financing for $499,999 for a five-story, non-elevator building containing eight Class A apartments and eight single-room occupancy units located in New York, NY.
Five of the buildings are single-room occupancy and the rest are either rent-stabalized or rent-controlled.

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