single-country fund

Single-country fund

A mutual fund that invests in individual countries outside the United States.

Single-Country Fund

A mutual fund that invests predominantly or exclusively in the securities of a single country. While a single-country fund may be diversified in other ways (for instance, it may hold both stocks and bonds), it is usually exposed to political risk. Some analysts argue that in an age of globalization, there is little difference in single-country and multi-country funds, but others dispute that. See also: Country diversification, WEBS.

single-country fund

A mutual fund that invests in securities of one country. A single-country fund, for example, might invest only in securities issued in Australia.
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The company also recently announced plans to launch a single-country fund to target Private Equity opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
For those that prefer a focused, rather than scattershot, approach single-country funds offer an attractive proposition.
Regional funds tend to be significantly less volatile than single-country funds.
For example, there are several single-country funds that invest in the securities of just one nation.