single minute exchange of dies

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single minute exchange of dies (SMED)

the concept of exchanging the forming die in a metal press or injection or blow molding machine in less than 10 minutes (hence single minute). Developed as part of the Toyota production system, the technique is part of the JUST-IN-TIME philosophy allowing very quick SET-UP TIMES for complex and accurate equipment. In some instances the technique has shortened set-up times from greater than four hours to less than 6 minutes. See LEAN MANUFACTURING.
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Single Minute Exchange of Dies is the approach to reduce output and quality losses due to changeovers.
Called Single Minute Exchange of Dies, or SMED, its objective is to bring die changes below the 10-minute mark by providing standard switching procedures.
Staubli's Demonstration Vehicle includes presentations on products and systems that reduce mould changeover times, improve operational efficiency and are an important step in the move towards the achievement of SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies).

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