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The use of a mathematical model with different values as variables in order to determine the likelihood of a particular outcome. A simulation is run many times (often thousands) in order to find the most likely outcome. Running simulations is important for analysts who, for example, wish to predict a security's future price movements.
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To create an artificial environment or circumstance that closely resembles reality so that people may test their predictions about behavior or practice their skills. One may purchase simulation software to help new real estate agents learn how to interact with buyers and sellers or house-flipping simulation software to learn the tricks and perils of that process.

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It is a truly metaphysical moment: in an effort to outsmart the simulative strategies of The Terranauts by following its outward movements of comic irony, we find ourselves at last in a greenhouse erected by the aesthetic experience of the novel itself.
As the temperature rose in the simulative ensiling system, the activity of lipoxygenase decreased (P < 0.05) (Figure 2), but the total FA, C18:2n-6 and C18:3n-3 lipolysis in silage was not restrained after ensiling for one day.
The present paper shows the results of simulative investigation of the SCE and its electromechanical clutch unit.
Simulative results show that the system performance is improved in terms of sum rate as compared to the no user scheduling and random scheduling cases, that is, by grouping 20 users into 5 subspaces, the average sum rate increases from 4.1 bps/Hz (no scheduling) and 13.5 bps/Hz (random scheduling) to 18.1 bps/Hz (user scheduling) at E AS = 10[degrees], where the sum rate gain ratio can be as high as 334% and 34%, respectively.
Confused Variation Detection of Simulative Code Samples.
According to Steps 1 and 3, the original sequence and its simulative sequence were, respectively, calculated as follows:
The validity of the method was verified through a simulative example with a set of CSTR control results.
Wang et al., "Anti-arrhythmic effect of acupuncture pretreatment in the rats subjected to simulative global ischemia and reperfusion-involvement of intracellular Ca2+ and connexin 43," BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol.
For the second objective, sugar, almond, and macadamia butters were purchased from a retail food store to conduct the simulative study.
The results, in line with the previous simulative analysis, confirm that the KLT algorithm is successful in decoding small variations of wavelength shift, well below the picometer level, despite the coarse wavelength sampling.
In this simulative experiment, the mandrel feed rate is selected as 1 mm/s.
August 23, 2015 Serial number 12:00-14:00 13:50-15:50 Free flow Free flow (steady flow) k = 1 114.00 114.75 k = 2 116.75 112.75 k = 3 119.50 115.50 k = 4 126.00 131.25 k = 5 129.50 112.75 k = 6 125.75 123.00 k = 7 120.00 116.25 k = 8 131.00 117.25 k = 9 127.50 117.75 k = 10 117.25 113.00 k = 11 127.25 125.25 k = 12 114.75 109.75 August 28, 2015 Serial number 8:50-10:50 15:00-17:00 Congested flow (smooth traffic) Congested flow k = 1 135.25 159.75 k = 2 134.50 171.25 k = 3 121.75 178.75 k = 4 134.50 176.00 k = 5 139.75 180.25 k = 6 137.75 184.00 k = 7 121.75 207.25 k = 8 134.75 185.50 k = 9 138.75 208.25 k = 10 140.50 221.75 k = 11 140.00 190.00 k = 12 137.00 186.00 Table 2: Comparison of simulative and predictive results between the SINDGM and TINDGM for August 23.

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