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The use of a mathematical model with different values as variables in order to determine the likelihood of a particular outcome. A simulation is run many times (often thousands) in order to find the most likely outcome. Running simulations is important for analysts who, for example, wish to predict a security's future price movements.


To create an artificial environment or circumstance that closely resembles reality so that people may test their predictions about behavior or practice their skills. One may purchase simulation software to help new real estate agents learn how to interact with buyers and sellers or house-flipping simulation software to learn the tricks and perils of that process.

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The Simulative Digitals of the Game Model of Academic Power and Administrative Power Administrator Centralization Decentralization Academic staff Work hard 2, 6 4, 5 Do not work hard 3, 4 0, 2
IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, addressing the Federal Reserve's (Fed) annual conference in Wyoming, said that simulative policies are still needed in regions that have struggled with prolonged weakness, especially Europe and Japan.
The validity of the questionnaire was calculated using the simulative method and the reliability achieved using Alpha Croanbach 0.
116 He was unaware of Gandhi's simulative qualities, and duplicity of character, which made him later disputed with Jawahar Lal Nehru and Vallabh Bhai Patel.
In the early historic days, people used to treat cuttings with manganese, boron and phosphorus but with the discovery of auxins in 1934 for their simulative effects on root initiation was a major milestone in the history of plant propagation.
argue that governments in the developed countries attempted to restore economic growth (9) through bailouts of banks and other simulative fiscal actions.
0 are nearly 'true random numbers', and the simulative precision of the MC-LN model is improved.
Al Bashier expressed his hope that the formation of the African parties committee would be simulative for the African people to development noting that the conference coincides with the revolution of development and growth in Africa.
On the probable simulative impact of alternative fiscal measures
He added that the two countries have to utilize the opportunities and the simulative investment atmosphere in the two countries to encourage foreign investment and movements of capitals.
In related news, the US Fed in its latest meeting reiterated its plans to keep interest rates at close to zero and persist with its simulative policies until the unemployment rate falls below 6.

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