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The use of a mathematical model with different values as variables in order to determine the likelihood of a particular outcome. A simulation is run many times (often thousands) in order to find the most likely outcome. Running simulations is important for analysts who, for example, wish to predict a security's future price movements.


To create an artificial environment or circumstance that closely resembles reality so that people may test their predictions about behavior or practice their skills. One may purchase simulation software to help new real estate agents learn how to interact with buyers and sellers or house-flipping simulation software to learn the tricks and perils of that process.

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Thus the correlation coefficient between each chroma-togram of Rhizoma Coptidis samples and the simulative mean chromatogram was 0.
In the previous paragraph we described the aspects that influence the derivation of Graham's simulative tax rates.
This contribution has been focused on preliminary software implementation of digital self-tuning controllers into the Matlab (for simulative and testing purposes) and Pascal (for real application) environment.
Similarly, Beatty sets The White Boy Shuffle in the early 1980s at the moment when hip-hop culture generates malleable, simulative conceptions of black identity through technologies such as sampling and video; but these same technologies also subject the black underclass to the corrosive scopophilia of the dominant culture.
Topics covered include simulative performance tests for HMA using an asphalt pavement analyzer, mechanistic quality management of HMA layers with seismic methods, and dynamic modulus testing of thin pavement cores.
To accomplish its mission of defending and protecting the United States in armed conflict, the military must train and prepare soldiers in an environment as simulative of war as possible.
The process chain is subjected to a simulative analysis from the CAD/CAM system to the workpiece surface.
69) Therefore, "aestheticentrism refuses to acknowledge that the other who does not offer any simulative surprise of a 'stranger' lives a life 'out there.
Such problems can be learned and practiced "just in time" with a simulative case-based learning system integrating multimedia patient data such as videos, sounds, and images (Riedel, Singer, Heid et al.
Because calcifiable vesicles may have a role in plaque calcification (38), much work has been done on phospholipid vesicles as substitutes of matrix vesicles in simulative biomineralization research.
Another, albeit perhaps unplanned, benefit of the new law is its simulative effect on the U.
In the networked environment, simulative and digital versions of the courses can be easily communicated via microwaves, satellites, and the Internet.

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