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The use of a mathematical model with different values as variables in order to determine the likelihood of a particular outcome. A simulation is run many times (often thousands) in order to find the most likely outcome. Running simulations is important for analysts who, for example, wish to predict a security's future price movements.


To create an artificial environment or circumstance that closely resembles reality so that people may test their predictions about behavior or practice their skills. One may purchase simulation software to help new real estate agents learn how to interact with buyers and sellers or house-flipping simulation software to learn the tricks and perils of that process.

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He reports using such "fuzzy" automata to simulate snowflake growth around hexagonal seed crystals.
3)Ditch rollover test: This test simulates an accident where a vehicle leaves the road, travels down a sloped embankment at an oblique angle and rolls over.
Weave simulates woven textures, such as denim or satin.
MM is unique in its ability to accurately simulate numerous operational conditions for testing service development, network monitoring, handset validation and other network management/development functions.
MapInfo has created a sophisticated method to simulate markets and forecast sales accurately without investing significant personnel time or money.
The CCTT simulates operational characteristics and performance of armored vehicle combat, complete with the sights and sounds of warfare.
NSPICE-PI (for Power Integrity) simulates extracted power-ground mesh circuits and other circuits containing an extremely large number of linear elements.
FLUENT is a desktop engineering tool that simulates fluid flow, heat transfer, and chemical reactions.
0 software for its Avalanche(TM) product line, a comprehensive test solution for enterprises that simulates complex networks and applications to ensure that products and services excel in a real-world environment.
SwRI(R) engineers designed and constructed a test system that simulates the operation of a transmission under a wide range of real-world conditions.
It is also the first system to integrate rangeless technology with an electronic warfare system -- the Canadian Forces' Surface Threat Electronic Warfare (STEW) system -- which simulates surface-to-air missiles and other ground-to-air threats.
The Avalanche 220 simulates a large number of users and includes the following advanced Layer 4-7 features:

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