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The use of a mathematical model with different values as variables in order to determine the likelihood of a particular outcome. A simulation is run many times (often thousands) in order to find the most likely outcome. Running simulations is important for analysts who, for example, wish to predict a security's future price movements.


To create an artificial environment or circumstance that closely resembles reality so that people may test their predictions about behavior or practice their skills. One may purchase simulation software to help new real estate agents learn how to interact with buyers and sellers or house-flipping simulation software to learn the tricks and perils of that process.

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At an even more sophisticated level, simulated humans may be attributed experiential knowledge comparable to a life history.
Fairly harmless fun really, or is it a taste of nightmarish things to come when computers will be so advanced that they will enable us all to live simulated lives and never have to go out of the house again?
New software tools developed by Boeing will enable Army personnel to rapidly construct target models in user-friendly fashion, preview a scene and set up a simulated flight sequence, according to Dave Moerdyk, the system's principal designer.
Student Dee Campbell knows she's not supposed to drive under the influence of alcohol and said she didn't appreciate being forced to watch the simulated crash.
One of the mission's tasks will be a simulated space shuttle approach from 18,000 feet.
Glatzmaier and Roberts let their model run through millennia of simulated time, watching the magnetic field wither and then rebound, all the while remaining dipolar.
Since its inception in 1999, SNT has pioneered the use of real-time simulation and developed a sophisticated capability for Hardware-in-the-loop simulations, where real networks connect seamlessly with simulated networks.
In fact, they say, "the striking similarity between the actual and simulated pattern rearrangement strongly suggests that a reaction-diffusion wave is a viable mechanism for the stripe pattern.
MarketZAR President Chris Sheridan, monitoring the competition from the World Money Show in Orlando, Florida, today, said the number of inquiries and registrations for the simulated trading competition is rising.
The American Red Cross offers the simulated drills at least once a year in Ventura, Moorpark, Simi Valley and Conejo Valley, Rink said.
Such is the promise of new forms of entertainment that rely on computers to create interactive, simulated worlds.