silent partner

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Silent partner

A partner in a business who has no role in management but shares in the liability, tax responsibility, and cash flow.

Silent Partner

In a partnership, a partner who owns a share in the company's equity, but does not take part in management. A partner provides capital in order to fund the company's operations and is liable for loss up to the amount of an investment. A silent partner is also responsible for at least a portion of the company's tax liability. Less commonly, a silent partner is called a sleeping partner.

silent partner

A member of a partnership who does not take active part in management and who is not publicly recognized as a partner.

silent partner

A partnership investor without any voting power or authority. See limited partnership.

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8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BiddingForGood, the leader in online charity auctions, and Silent Partners, a leading provider of auction management, procurement and reconciliation services, have announced their strategic partnership.
Of course, they're not children now, they're grown adults, and there is no such recourse for the general partner against nuisance silent partners.
Seller requires an equity/working partner to buy out silent partners shares; using balance of purchase money as working capital to move this business to the next level.