silent partner

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Silent partner

A partner in a business who has no role in management but shares in the liability, tax responsibility, and cash flow.

Silent Partner

In a partnership, a partner who owns a share in the company's equity, but does not take part in management. A partner provides capital in order to fund the company's operations and is liable for loss up to the amount of an investment. A silent partner is also responsible for at least a portion of the company's tax liability. Less commonly, a silent partner is called a sleeping partner.

silent partner

A member of a partnership who does not take active part in management and who is not publicly recognized as a partner.

silent partner

A partnership investor without any voting power or authority. See limited partnership.

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Silent Partner recognized that if businesses had a trusted partner to determine key elements of network strategy and implementation, and act in their best interests in negotiating with some of the largest telecom and network service providers, it would allow companies to focus on what they do best, making their business profitable and productive.
According to senior management at Silent Partner Technologies, the company is excited to build its network of distributors and also believes that new distributorships are a great addition to SPT's expanding operations and continued growth.
Circular" places Posnick in an unhurried solo (to Beth Quist's haunting a cappella vocal) within an intense blue pool of light as the full moon, her silent partner, waxes and wanes on the cyclorama behind her.
In the area of $5,000 plus, financed by my savings and a silent partner.
Like a ghostly presence, a turquoise mask atop a low stone stand becomes a silent partner in Until.
Life of a Lord has been the silent partner in Ireland's three-pronged national challenge.
The silent partner, Brother, reserves a no less sober surprise for visitors: the aluminum food mills that playfully dot its exterior are lined with graphic color transparencies of dental operations.
Technology is a strong silent partner that enables us to offer a suite of design services seamlessly.
That's the story I've always wanted to know, and that's the story she has told in Silent Partner.
It is, in fact, the silent partner of the oil and gas industry.
Suppose a majority partner in a logging company with strong cash flow wants to buy out his silent partner and requires $1.
Introduced to fellow Honeywell employee Joseph Thomas, the two paired up with Tom Waddell and a silent partner, both of whom are white, to launch the company.