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It's signally lacking the steroidal wheel arches and monster spoilers that we all expected.
The MILF failed signally to locate the presence of Marwan in neighboring territory, and to stop its men from using unreasonable force against the troopers.
Though she is correct in the sense that the initial reports of the bombing were graphic and sensational, Conrad's version is signally different from newspaper accounts in a few ways.
It's signally lacking the steroidal wheel arches and monsterspoilers that we all expected.
Apple has been signally that the watch will need recharging every night and there are some hints that really heavy users could find they run out of juice midway through the day.
He warns that the British state is signally failing to influence Muslim communities and cannot hope to curb extremism by shutting down social media jihadist accounts, since no sooner has one been eliminated than another takes its place.
It is a signally changed piece of writing that has introduced a new mind-set and has been extended with new examples.
This is something that, in the opinion of most, he signally failed to do.
She very sensibly pointed out that extension of HS2 to Scotland would strengthen the business case and showed a UK-national vision signally lacking in the "no such thing as society" view presented to her.
British Eurosceptics blame the union for poking its nose into our affairs, but when such interference is actually meaningful a when an applicant state is at the door, cap in hand, and Brussels really has some leverage a it has, in the case of Bulgaria and Romania, signally failed to jump-start radical reform.
The first ball I played went off my pads to deep fine leg and when I saw umpire not signally leg bye I told myself well in my Test debut I have scored at least one run." Gavaskar went on to top score for India with 65 runs.
The two sides have signally failed to put into practice the deal they signed in Cairo in May 2011 to reunify the leadership of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.