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Summary: Those who can make money or even limit downside in a falling or sideways market will build wealth over long term
"It was a mostly sideways market in 2015, and there was certainly some volatility along the way there."
I would consider more than half of companies posting gains a real positive in what has effectively been a sideways market.
These are good investment in a sideways market but not now when we are looking at a possible bull run in equities.
The 60-day relative strength index shows equities barely above fair value and while the 50-day moving average remains in support and a sideways market is the most likely scenario, according to strategists.
If earlier sideways market was required due to the very small volume of trading, but now the situation has changed, and strategic market for the worse.
If the market can crack through, it opens up the September high of 1.3170, in a Bullish to sideways market.
[...] Now the ride up seems to have come to an end.' We are in a 13-year sideways market, so unless your November 2011 article was actually written 12 years ago, alternatives have been a great place to be over the past decade.
In a sideways market, it is fine, you can keep rolling the options over but, in a down market, we will need to see if what is promised turns out to be true." Gargoyle's answer to the dynamic question is this: "It's simple," says Gargoyle Managing Partner of Investment Strategies Joshua Parker, "because our clients' portfolios are exposed to market risk every day." Such a strategy can be a drag on performance in a quickly growing equity market, of course, but passive option hedging strategies can as well.
(ABB506) Relative Value Investing in a Sideways Market - Kim Shannon - Sionna Investment Management, Inc..
We may see a sideways market in the immediate future, rather than a big bounce until the markets find their foundation.
The watching it rust option does not seem wise to the Midwestern recycler, who says, "It's a very firm sideways market; nothing can make it go up or down right away."