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1. Describing investors who believe that the markets are too volatile to risk their money. They therefore keep their money in short-term, low-risk investments until the markets are perceived to have calmed down. Investors on the sidelines usually have lower risk tolerance than investors who keep their money in the markets during these times.

2. Describing investors who are watching a security instead of taking a position on it.


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The "Out" stunt dictates that the ball-defender (either TW3 or WW2) must again "fan" the ballhandler down his sideline and look for a trap rotating up from the time line with his teammate on the same side of the floor.
However O'Neill, who has championed the reduction of sideline numbers from 12 to five, said: "We've had two weekends where this has worked very well.
The "Out" stunt dictates that the original ball-defender (either TW3 or WW2) pressures the ballhandler by "fanning" (out) the ball down his specific sideline and looks for a trap with his teammate on the same side of the floor, who is rotating up from the time line.
Since 1999, Big Fogg has been the premier supplier of misting and heating systems for the NFL and NCAA, helping keep sidelines comfortable for players at over 200 games a season.
Williams was called on to return kicks because Jeremy McGee was sideline with a quadriceps strain.
He must then close out on the new ballhandler in an inside-out angle to encourage the ballhandler to dribble down the sideline.
The DASANI Sidelines Sky Cam will capture live team interactions between plays, while the DASANI Sideline Report will feature cut-ins from CBS Sportscasters Lesley Visser or Bonnie Bernstein, highlighting the action from the sidelines.
For years, the NFL and top NCAA college teams have relied upon Big Fogg Misting Fans to provide optimum sideline cooling for their players to help protect them from heat exhaustion.
With one or no time-outs, the offense will be forced to work the sidelines and avoid running plays that can eat up time.
According to FHM, "It's easy to assume that Lisa Guerrero's rise to becoming the newest sideline reporter on the most watched regular-season telecast in sports was driven largely by her all-pro looks.
GAA president Liam O'Neill wants to make the sideline a no-go area as unseemly spats mount in recent weeks.
On the Knights' first offensive play, Horton burst through the middle, broke for the right sideline and dove into the end zone for a 32-yard touchdown.