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Shysters associate director Kathy Joyce said: "Things are really taking off at the moment and there is so much interest out there."
So have a heart for poor shysters. The multitudes of them who do not appear on primetime television or do frontline cases in the Supreme Court, are probably toiling hard in mofussil towns, district courts, poring over mounds of papers and spending hours with clients to ascertain facts in order to plead their cases, navigating through arcane legal procedures and caselaw reports, in order to eke out a living.
"What ever possessed you people to make the smallest guy in the club the Sergeant-at-Arms?" The Shyster asked.
Ultimately, "Shyster" resembles one of those 1930s melodramas in which some wise-cracking movie queen entertains us with non-stop bitchery but in the final reel must receive her comeuppance and turn into a noble bore.
Bates's retort was that, the way Chelsea were tapping up players, they would think "you are a bunch of shysters from Siberia".
"I apologise for errors of judgment in personal behaviour," says this shyster. Come off it.
The successful company, which takes in the Shyster Shadows - the training arm of the group - enjoys a mixture of stage and screen and was the winner of a Best Drama award in the worldwide Oska Bright awards in 2005.
Highly Sprung will be telling the story of Noah, Non-Descript will perform Hell's Mouth, The Shysters Theatre Company will tackle the story of Moses and Talking Birds will produce their version of The Creation.
But a large section of such folk are shysters of the first water, often running a number of services under varying titles.
The shysters, based in Goole, East Yorks, didn't even bother replying to the watchdog.
THIS husband and wife pair of adult education shysters, Salim and Nichola Shivji, are responsible for fleecing thousands of pounds from hundreds of students.
The line-up includes Derek Nisbet from Coventry's Talking Birds, Ayay Dattani from BBC Silver Street and Jon Tipton from the Shysters. Tickets cost pounds 5 from 024 7688 7496.