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One who has sold a contract to establish a market position and who has not yet closed out this position through an offsetting purchase; the opposite of a long position. Related: Long.
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Short Position

The sale of a security or derivative, or the state of having sold one or the other. It is important to note that a short position is not closed, and is applied only to sales where further action may be required. For example, one who has borrowed securities and has then sold them is said to be have a short position with respect to that security, because he/she must eventually return an equivalent amount of the borrowed securities. Likewise, one who has sold (or written) an option is in a short position, because the option may be exercised at a later date. See also: Long position, Close a position.
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See short position, PROBLEM">[removed].
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"Our study showed that alcoholic patients have a shortened telomere length, which means that heavy drinking causes biological aging at a cellular level," said study researcher Naruhisa Yamaki, in a recent ( statement  on Newswise.
Telomeres shortened by an average of 3 percent in 25 men with similar prostate cancers who weren't in his program.
She claimed after being informed detectives had her chat logs, Shorten asked her to say she told him she was 18, and that he believed any references to a 15-year-old were purely role-play.
Now shorten the screw using a wire cutter, hacksaw, whatever.
Shortened telomeres in white blood cells might induce those immune cells to trigger inflammation, surmise Ioakim Spyridopoulos and Stefanie Dimmeler of the University of Frankfurt in Germany, also writing in the Jan.
It also shortens the service life of the Hawker AGMs.
A fractionally-spaced time-domain equalizer (FSTEQ of length 2[L.sub.w] (where [L.sub.w] is the length of Ts-spaced TEQ is employed to shorten the channel, and the FSTEQ output {[bar.y](n)} is decimated by a factor of two to create the [T.sub.s]-spaced output sequence {y(k)} .
The next question, then, is how much to shorten notated rhythms.
including Alberta, have shown initiative and creativity in finding ways to manage and shorten these waiting lists.
He says the cost to shorten the runway to 6,000 ft.
Shortening the take-up by shortening the trigger bar isn't practical, since you can't shorten the bar without modifications to the frame.
My stated reason was to be able to shorten trousers so that they will fit my short (but beautifully formed) legs.