short squeeze

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Short squeeze

When a lack of supply tends to force prices upward. In particular, when prices of a stock or commodity futures contracts start to move up sharply and many traders with short positions are forced to buy stocks or commodities in order to cover their positions and prevent (limit) losses. This sudden surge of buying leads to even higher prices, further aggravating the losses of short sellers who have not covered their positions.
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Short Squeeze

A situation in which a rapid increase in demand coupled with a small supply causes a stock price to rise significantly. This occurs most commonly in small companies with relatively few shares outstanding.
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short squeeze

The pressure on short sellers to cover their positions as a result of sharp price increases or difficulty in borrowing the security the sellers are short. The rush to cover produces additional upward pressure on the price of the stock, which then causes an even greater squeeze. Also called squeezing the shorts.
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"Eventually this will create a short squeeze, which should help shares," Lenschow wrote.
Given the history of the trade war, there are few reasons to believe anything has changed, and today's crude rally may be nothing more than a short squeeze.
It has a tap, short squeeze and long squeeze -- to perform different actions such as take photos, turn LED lights on or turn Google Assistant on, and this can be adjusted in the settings of the phone.
This is reminiscent of the situation several years ago, when there seemed to be never-ending rallies in the CSI 300, followed by a very sharp pullback and short squeeze in the various underlying products that investors look to short.
The feature isn't really omnipresent, allowing only two functions at a time - one on short squeeze and the other along squeeze.
It also allows for increased mobility with Voice to Text where users can send texts on the go with a light squeeze gesture and activate advanced touch options with customizable actions such as a "short squeeze" as well as a "squeeze and hold" for additional functionality.
It was the thinking behind appointing two directors of football, and in handing Moyes a fouryear contract and honouring it during form which has historically seen Texan Short squeeze the trigger.
El-Shafei, "Unbalance response of a Jeffcott Rotor incorporating short squeeze film dampers," Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, vol.
Draw no drawback Chil the kite came from stall nine to win a year ago but a wider draw has not been insurmountable in recent years, with mont Ras scoring from stall 13 in 2013 and Short Squeeze from 18 in 2014.
Tuesday's industrial and manufacturing data are not likely to reflect the weakness seen in PMIs as data was taken prior to the Brexit vote, which suggests a short squeeze could lead GBPUSD higher from current levels in the short run.
BUYINS.NET / is monitoring TransCanada Corp (NYSE:TRP) in real time and just received an alert that TRP is crossing above its primary SqueezeTrigger Price, the price that a short squeeze can start in any stock.
Tightness in the nearby Brent spread is likely the result of idiosyncratic factors -- including summer maintenance in the North Sea, recent pipeline outages in Nigeria, and a possible short squeeze.