short hedge

Short hedge

The sale of futures contracts to eliminate or lessen the possible decline in value of an approximately equal amount of the actual financial instrument or physical commodity. Related: Long hedge.

Short Hedge

The sale of a futures contract or option on a security or commodity one owns in order to hedge against the risk of decline in its price. In a short hedge, the price of the futures contract or option should move inversely to the price of the underlying asset. It is also called a selling hedge.

short hedge

An investment transaction that is intended to provide protection against a decline in the value of an asset. For example, an investor who holds shares of Nextel and expects the stock to decline may enter into a short hedge by purchasing a put option on Nextel stock. If Nextel does subsequently decline, the value of the put option should increase.
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The following example is a short hedge for use by an electricity producer that wishes to protect itself against a price decline in an anticipated sale.
Our own garden is very small with just one short hedge and a scrap of lawn, yet it can still be busy with birds.
The futures alternative to the swap hedge is a little more complicated than a simple short hedge.
Walk straight ahead over the fairway to a waymark post and go on to the next waymark post and curve to the right along a short hedge and a ditch.
Regal expects that holders of its 3 3/4% Notes from whom Regal may repurchase such notes (which holders may include one or more of the initial purchasers) may have outstanding short hedge positions in Regal's Class A common stock relating to the 3 3/4% Notes.
Curve to the right between a pair of short hedges and go on along the hedge on your right as it turns left and right around the corner.
To supply these securities, investors must buy a complete set of "up" and "down" securities that, respectively, serve as long and short hedges.
It also held that treatment as an ordinary loss is available for short hedges as well as hedges relating to debt issuance.