shelf offering

Shelf offering

Offering of registered securities covered by a prospectus whose distribution is not underwritten on a firm commitment basis. The shares may be sold in one block or in small amounts from time to time in agency or principal transactions. See: Rule 415.

Shelf Registration

A method the SEC uses to allow a publicly-traded company to register several new issues of stock and actually offer them at any time over a two-year period, subject to compliance with other appropriate regulations. These offerings are covered by a single prospectus, but may be offered to the public in different tranches. See also: Rule 415.

shelf offering

A new security issue that is part of a larger issue that has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Companies are permitted to sell securities that are part of a shelf offering for up to two years without re-registering the issue with the SEC.
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NYSE MKT: BGSF), a national provider of temporary staffing services across a diverse set of industries, today announced that it expects to enter into subscription agreements with certain investors to sell an aggregate of 636,500 shares of its common stock in a registered shelf offering for gross proceeds of approximately $7,000,000, before deducting placement agent fees and estimated offering expenses.
Pursuant to the provisions of Section 30 of the Securities Law, 5728-1968, and the provisions of the Securities Regulations (Notice of Results of the Offering in a Prospectus), 5730-1969, the Company hereby announces the results of the offering of Series B bonds (the " Bonds") according to the Company's shelf offering report of February 8, 2015 (the " Shelf Offering Report"), which was published by virtue of the Company's shelf prospectus of May 13, 2013 (bearing the date May 14, 2014) (the " Shelf Prospectus").
If issued, the terms of the Additional Series A Notes will be similar to the terms of the Series A Notes previously issued by the Company in June 2010 and in March 2012, in accordance with the Company's shelf prospectus dated May 18, 2010 (the "Shelf Prospectus") and the shelf offering reports of June 2010 and March 2012, respectively and which are currently traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.
The SEC will consider whether to impose time limits before a sponsor of the ABS can conduct the first sale in a shelf offering.
An unsung hero from Tesco's bottom shelf offering a big, presentable red to bolster any meal.
The bank said that terms of the offering would be divulged in a shelf offering report that is to be published shortly before the offering.
Each fund has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission relating to its proposed shelf offering.
a leading Israeli communications operator, reports, pursuant to the Company's Shelf Prospectus dated September 3, 2009, as amended to date, and the Supplemental Shelf Offering Report dated April 15, 2010, as amended to date (the "Offering Report"), that the Company's Series D Notes will bear interest at a rate of 0.
The Company hereby announces that it has submitted to the Securities Authority a request for permission to publish a shelf prospectus and first draft of a shelf prospectus based upon the financial statements as of December 31, 2012, whereby the Company shall be entitled to issue shares and a number of series of share options, debentures, convertible debentures and debenture options, in amounts and at terms that shall be set in a shelf offering reports and as shall be published by the Company in the future.
Southwest Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: OKSB) has announced its plans to offer up to USD75m of securities under a public shelf offering.
The new Seasonings products, which include stir fry and pasta sauce mixes, will be ranged across the top and there will also be a promotional shelf offering sample sachets and free recipe cards.
NYSE: CEL) (TASE: CEL) (hereinafter: the "Company") announced that, following the Company's previously announced preparations for a potential refinancing of a portion of its debt in Israel, and following the publication of an amendment to the Company's shelf prospectus dated June 24, 2014, after having received the Israeli Securities Authority, or ISA, and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, or TASE, approvals, the Company published today a supplemental shelf offering report, or Offering Report, after receiving the TASE's approval.