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Person or entity that owns shares or equity in a corporation.


The person or company that owns a share in a publicly-traded company or a mutual fund. The share represents a certain (usually very small) percentage of ownership in the company or the securities underlying the fund. Thus, a stockholder has the right to receive a portion of the company's profits in the form of dividends, and, depending on the type of share, may have a right to vote on matters pertaining to corporate governance. A person or company becomes a stockholder on the record date, that is, on the date that the share was bought. A stockholder is also known as a shareholder.



If you own stock in a corporation, you are a shareholder of that corporation.

You're considered a majority shareholder if you alone or in combination with other shareholders own more than half the company's outstanding shares, which allows you to control the outcome of a corporate vote. Otherwise, you are considered a minority shareholder.

In practice, however, it is possible to gain control by owning less than 51% of the shares, especially if there are a large number of shareholders or you own shares that carry extra voting power.


An individual or entity that owns shares of capital stock.
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It added that LandT proposes to divest part of its shareholding in the company.
While M/s Sparco Construction Company and M/s China First Metallurgical Group Co had only 9 percent and 1 percent shareholdings in the JV.
Suspect (Cheema) with mala fide intentions did not comply with the direction of the steering committee, a legal forum constituted under the law, regarding restriction on dilution of lead member shareholdings which caused loss to state exchequer.
As required by the rules of the Financial Conduct Auhtority (FCA), Lloyds Banking Group announced that the government's shareholding in the bank has crossed through a one percentage point threshold.
The total cumulative shareholding of the consortium now stands at 79.
Galfar said that the submission by the shareholder to the said request and his intention to increase his shareholding percentage has not been based on any undisclosed material information.
ECT welcomes the support of all its shareholders, however, it incurs administrative costs in producing and distributing shareholding statements, annual reports, notices of meeting and other communications, irrespective of the size of any shareholder.
Muscat, Feb 22 (ONA) Capital Market Authority (CMA) will organize a workshop next Sunday on "The Role of the Legal Advisor at the Public Associations of the Public Shareholding Companies" under the auspices of Yahya bin Said al Jabri, Chief Executive President of CMA.
UniCredit Bank Austria said today it had raised its shareholding in local real estate investor CA Immobilien Anlagen (WBAG:CAI) to almost 17%, as part of its tender offer that ended 16 February.
closed shareholding entity with a capital of 5 million Kuwaiti dinars,
The measure, Article 12(5) of the Spanish corporate tax code, establishes that a Spanish company may amortise financial goodwill on the acquisition of a large shareholding in a foreign company over a 20-year period.
THE government on Friday made it mandatory for companies listed on the stock exchanges to raise their public shareholding to 25 per cent, a move that will lead to several new issues hitting the markets within next 12 months for investors to buy.