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While shake-outs like the recent one that knocked the FTSE-100 down to 1998 levels cause a lot of alarm, the lucky ones who qualify for share options could find their finances dramatically improved, said Yvonne Redfern, director of tax at law firm Martineau Johnson.
com shake-outs, it's imperative to find solutions with staying power," says Cintara's Founder and President, Lisa Tollner.
Markets on both sides of the Atlantic have experienced severe shake-outs since early March and former wonder stocks such as investment group Durlacher have turned into dogs.
TXI's cement and steel operations experienced market shake-outs in the late eighties and early nineties that resulted in poor shareholder returns.
The bad news was that manufacturing jobs fell by a further two per cent to 3,956,000 during the same three months - mainly due to shake-outs in the leather and textile industries.
Of course these kinds of things aren't uncommon in emerging markets and there will be shake-outs which weed out the dodgy characters over time.