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Bismarck tried repeatedly but unsuccessfully to shake off the shadowers. Suffolk masterfully used RDF to maintain contact.
* Experienced ICU nurses served as preceptors for Shadowers.
To escape their shadowers the Foxtrots were forced to dive to depths of over two hundred meters, out of communications with each other or with Moscow.
Pupils will be encouraged to compare notes with shadowers in other schools - via E-mail, if they prefer - and the Library Association's website helps pull the whole project together.
She often talks about a poster she saw once which suggested that the way to improve your reading was to read more, along with the words 'Read, Read, Read...' (I would love to track this down--I wonder if she's thinking of Book Trust's 'Rights of the Reader' (3) poster, with the Quentin Blake illustrations?) Would this be an idea our 10 Carnegie Shadowers would like?