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The sex of each turtle was verified laparoscopically to provide empirical measures of sex ratios for the nest and the nesting beach.
The goal of this paper was to determine, across the population and brood level, if the sex ratio of the Red-breasted Flycatchers' nestlings varied in association with male age or ornamentation.
The programme has been launched from Haryana as the state has the worst child sex ratio in the country.
Quantification of X and Y contents as well as the sperm sex ratio were calculated in a similar fashion to those from the simplex PCR.
As pointed out earlier, the sex ratio in India is measured as number of females per 1000 males.
He urged the students to work on this front and all areas across Kashmir to come up with an authentic and detailed report on the child sex ratio.
The sex ratio in the country has risen from 933 in 2001 to 940 in 2011, an absolute increase by 7 points.
We used a chi-square analysis to assess the relationship between bleeding and fledging and a binomial probability distribution to determine whether the observed sex ratio differed significantly from the expected sex ratio of 1:1 of nestlings using the following equation: n
Sex ratio adjustment has become a hot and interesting topic in ecology and production biology, as documentations of sex ratio changes are numerous, and include examples in human and animal species.
It's also important to note that when biologists refer to sex ratio, they are considering the pre-hunt population.
It contains numbers of live births, sex ratio, and relative distribution of births by month and fertility rates.
Under normal circumstances, the sex ratio at birth usually ranges from 102-106 live male births per 100 live female births.