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The process in which a buyer makes payment and receives the agreed-upon good or service. This term is used on exchanges to indicate when a security actually changes hands, which often occurs several days after a trade is made. See also: Clearance.
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Movement of an improvement because of movement in the soil supporting the improvement.It could be caused by compaction of the soil,erosion of pockets due to underground streams or springs,or the aftereffects of frost heave pushing frozen ground upward and then settling back.

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The objective of this paper was to measure particle shape and settling velocity of nonspherical soil by DIP and develop the empirical prediction formula of settling velocity considering the particle shape and diameter.
Another method of "settling" has the athlete bending his knees more on the last two or three strides.
Be sure to flush the material that may be sitting or settling in a valve or piping by filling a container and dumping it back into the tank before drawing a sample.
However, under a litigation loan agreement, the settling defendant is clearly financing the plaintiff's continuing litigation against the nonsettling defendants, and the settling defendant also has an unmistakable financial stake in the outcome of the remaining case.
Mediation is a way of settling a tax issue when the taxpayer's representatives and the Internal Revenue Service cannot settle the issue on their own.
The only exceptions the court noted are when there are multiple parties to a suit and the insurer discriminately settles with one or more of the parties for the full policy limits, thus exposing an insured to excess judgment, or when the insurer acts in bath faith by settling a claim in a manner that bars the insured's counterclaim.
The rate of settling allowed the molecular weights of proteins to be determined with reasonable accuracy, and for this work Svedberg was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1926.
clearing system has exacerbated credit and liquidity risks led the Congress to pass legislation calling for establishment of "linked or coordinated facilities" for settling securities and derivative products.
On Sunday, the status of 246 wanted persons from Daraa was settled, bringing the total number of those who have their status settled since early August up till now to 3140 persons, including wanted persons and those who fled military service from various areas in Daraa and its countryside in addition to settling the status of a number of gunmen who turned themselves in along with their arms and pledged not to get involved in any act that affects the security of the homeland.
Even though the bank has denied the allegations, its US legal team is believed to have worked out a figure for settling the charges.
(3) The settlor should have an independent motive for settling the TPT, such as a parent wanting to advance an inheritance to a child to see how he or she manages the assets.
The insurance industry's record in settling claims and its cooperative role in the Public/Private Partnership already are paying dividends when it comes to debating the Financing of Florida's windstorm risk and the true cost of coverage going forward.