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The board's decision on set-aside and collection mechanisms for pipeline abandonment cost funding is the tenth and final step of the action plan.
The Court of Federal Claims also said the Sixth Circuit incorrectly based the set-aside amount on the investment income left over after paying benefits.
Set-aside was introduced to limit production of cereals in the EU and applied on a voluntary basis from 1988-1989.
A farmer from Gloucestershire did write to me to express regret that circumstances forced him to manage his set-aside in this way.
The NFU said less than 4% of the thousands of acres of compulsory set-aside is of "conservation value" and much of the fallow land will not be brought back into production.
The set-aside may then threaten to consume the entire settlement--not what the attorney and claimant had in mind.
The major findings of the report, as summarized by a Wall Street journal writer, are that some successful minority-owned companies have doctored their books to remain eligible for federal set-asides, that awards have been made to favored companies without competitive bidding, and that a relatively small group of well-wired companies have received the lion's share of 8(a) contracts.
Army Distributed Learning Education and Training Products: Small business set-aside.
But, contrary to popular belief, farmers will not be forced or obliged to cultivate any additional land, formerly set-aside or cropped, in 2007/08.
The derogation is subject to the condition that the land is not used for lucrative purposes - in particular, that no fodder produced on that set-aside land is sold.
A 0% set-aside rate could encourage farmers in the EU to produce an additional quantity of about ten to 17 million tonnes of cereals in 2008, which could contribute to easing market tension.
The board will review the set-aside funding after L.