Service charge

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Service charge

A component of some finance charges, such as the fee for triggering an overdraft checking account into use.

Service Charge

A fee a company or bank assesses for providing an unusual service. For example, a bank may assess a service charge if a person who does not have an account withdraws money from that bank's ATM. It is also called a service fee.
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Another Emirates Living tenant said: "My landlord regularly defaults paying his service fees.
To calculate that, the dataset tracks the upfront and/or recurring device fees separately from the mobile service fees that are associated to the lowest-priced postpaid plan.
Real estate analyst and managing director of Harbor Real Estate, Muhannad Al Wadiya, said: "There is no doubt that service fees have a great influence on the decision to purchase.
Security being the sovereign responsibility of the state, it was considered by the government that the expenditure on the security equipment be made out of the passenger service fee escrow account.
The monthly service fees on Bank Windhoek's cheque and transaction accounts have been increased on average by more than 8%, which is well below inflation.
A mortgage banker originating a 6 percent conventional loan and putting it in a 5 1/2 percent Fannie Mae security creates excess servicing of 5 basis points with a 25 basis point minimum service fee and a 20 basis point guarantee fee (5 basis points of excess represents approximately $50,000 of income per year based on $100 million of mortgage origination and securitization).
The total time that exceeds the allotment in the monthly service fee is then billed separately-for example, at 35 cents per minute ($21 per hour).
I pay an annual service fee of around Dh23,000 and around Dh4,000 per month towards air-conditioning costs.
Marwan Bin Galitah, CEO of Rera, said: "The service index will define fair service fees and will analyse not only cost but also quality, providing a sliding scale for basic to premium service.
Launch Accompanied By a Limited Time 'No Service Fees For a Year' Facebook Connect Promotion
In the past, it was very common for sponsors using entry fees to offer both significant pre-paid "life care" health benefits and reductions in the monthly service fee (as compared with the straight market rate rental pricing concept).
But they also have to pay a monthly service fee that might range from $1,950 to $2,700 to cover things like meals, maintenance, cleaning, laundry, valet parking (no tipping allowed) and other services.

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