Service charge

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Service charge

A component of some finance charges, such as the fee for triggering an overdraft checking account into use.

Service Charge

A fee a company or bank assesses for providing an unusual service. For example, a bank may assess a service charge if a person who does not have an account withdraws money from that bank's ATM. It is also called a service fee.
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Another Emirates Living tenant said: "My landlord regularly defaults paying his service fees.
In the event of a service fee dispute after a unit owner has been invoiced, the OA must ensure that a notarised notice is served at the owner's address and evidenced by delivery confirmation.
While the implementation of the index would not compulsory, it will bring more transparency into the market and reduce the disputes about service fees.
Security being the sovereign responsibility of the state, it was considered by the government that the expenditure on the security equipment be made out of the passenger service fee escrow account.
Although it is not set forth in the statute, the Insurance Department permits service fee agreements that cover renewals, so long as the agreement is properly drafted.
The monthly service fees on Bank Windhoek's cheque and transaction accounts have been increased on average by more than 8%, which is well below inflation.
Any Potential Objector who believes that a portion of his or her the Association-Determined Service Fee shall be used to fund non-chargeable activities may object to the amount of said fee by mailing a notice of objection to Montana Nurses Association, 20 Old Montana State Highway, MT 59634, or by delivering such a notice to Montana Nurses Association at said address.
A mortgage banker originating a 6 percent conventional loan and putting it in a 5 1/2 percent Fannie Mae security creates excess servicing of 5 basis points with a 25 basis point minimum service fee and a 20 basis point guarantee fee (5 basis points of excess represents approximately $50,000 of income per year based on $100 million of mortgage origination and securitization).
With BUMED's implementation of WAWF, the process of accepting and certifying invoices from vendors becomes simpler and more effective, resulting in an increase in the efficiency of government and vendor staffers and a continuing reduction in interest penalties and service fees paid to DFAS.
The changes include a USD20 service fee for paper tickets; an increase to USD80 in the fee to replace lost tickets; a USD40 one-way charge for children aged 5-11 travelling without an adult; an increase to USD75 in the one-way fee to transport pets in kennels on the same flight as a passenger; and standardising excess and overweight baggage fees at USD50 for each piece exceeding the allowance.
As a final negative factor, because the monthly service fee is adjusted with increasing levels of service, a service plan review that comes at the same time as a lease renewal and normal rent increase can prove to be a very tough sell.
It appears that the NIA's plan to abolish the irrigation service fee is driven by its frustration over poor collections from farmers.

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