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Options: All option contracts of the same class that also have the same unit of trade, expiration date, and exercise price. Stocks: shares that have common characteristics, such as rights to ownership and voting, dividends, or par value. In the case of many foreign shares, one series may be owned only by citizens of the country in which the stock is registered.

Option Series

All the option contracts of the same class on the same underlying security with the same strike price and expiration date that are traded on an exchange. For example, all call options on Stock X with strike price Y expiring on the last Friday in March make up one option series in the exchange on which they are traded. An option series is also simply called a series.


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The European Commission has stipulated under the legislation that the unique identification data will be placed in a 2D barcode and will comprise a manufacturer code, a serialization number, a national reimbursement number, if necessary, and the expiry date.
With Acsis-generated enterprise serialization data, manufacturers will always 'know in the moment' their products' exact location, resulting in regulatory compliance, streamlined returns and chargebacks, and the mitigation of business and legal risk.
The company has 7 core capabilities: authentication, serialization, labeling, traceability, security, efficiency, and intelligence.
For more information on Bullet Serialization, visit www.
Curiously, the whole thing started in my Second Symphony, where I had serialization of both rhythm and pitch; that Symphony almost drove me crazy.
This interesting chapter ends with a description of grammaticalization processes involving serial verbs in Melanesian Pidgin and with a brief discussion of the question whether we can observe universal factors in the formation of patterns of serialization in pidgins and creoles.
In addition, the band provides a large "carbonless copy" label area where patient information may be written and serialization remains intact on the wristband.
Diana's former lover James Hewitt is believed to have been offered $800,000 for the serialization rights to his book, based on dozens of her love letters.
The rules of the serialization game are already well understood; publishers and customers have used serial numbers to track software licenses for many, many years.
Systech International, a global leader in pharmaceutical serialization solutions, is accelerating its plans to address the issue of scalability in the serialization market through the increased use of its international network of Select Service Providers (SSPs).