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Describing a situation, event, statement, or anything else that occurs or is filed twice per year. For example, most bonds pay coupons on a semiannual basis. See also: Annual, Quarterly.


Occurring twice each year. Same as biannual.
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35 billion aggregate principal amount of 6 1/2% senior secured notes due 2014 will pay interest, semi-annually, on each March 1 and Sept.
717% of par value and will pay interest semi-annually at a rate of 5.
Interest on the notes will be distributed semi-annually beginning on Feb.
HIRC publishes the Employer and Coalition Service semi-annually.
After an initial fixed interest rate period ranging from 3-10 years, the interest rate will adjust annually based on the sum of either the One-Year LIBOR or the One-Year CMT index or semi-annually based on the sum of Six-Month Libor and a gross margin specified in the applicable mortgage note.
The series 2005 bonds are 35-day auction rate securities that pay interest semi-annually on each March 1 and Sept.
As per the Company's dividend policy, dividends are to be paid semi-annually with the first dividend paid after the second quarter in an amount per share of no less than one-third of the amount of the aggregate dividend per share paid during the preceding year.
This is the first conference call for the company and management will be hosting calls semi-annually, providing a mid and full year review on a go forward basis.
The Notes will have a ten-year maturity with interest payable semi-annually and the CODES will have a thirty-year maturity with interest payable semi-annually.
Interest on the notes will accrue at the rate of 7 3/4% per year and will be payable semi-annually on February 1st and August 1st beginning February 1, 2006.

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