selling group

Selling group

All banks involved in selling or marketing a new issue of stock or bonds.

Selling Group

In an initial public offering or bond issue, a group of institutions who help the issuer place a new issue without necessarily participating in the underwriting group. This means they are not responsible for any unsold securities. The selling group therefore receives lower fees than the underwriters and is listed last on the tombstone. The specific agreement governing a selling group's duties in a new issue is called a selected dealer agreement.

More generally, a selling group may refer to all underwriters in a new issue, that is, every person and institution on the tombstone.

selling group

A group of investment bankers that assists a syndicate or an underwriter in the sale of a new security issue but is not responsible for any unsold securities. Because members of a selling group do not assume the risk of syndicate members, their fees are correspondingly lower than the fees of the syndicate members. See also selected dealer agreement.
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The selling group will be paid a cash commission equal to 7.
Firms who wish to serve only as a Selling Group Member are not required to provide proposals in response to the questions posed in this RFP, but must be registered with FINRA and SEC and must provide registration numbers.
The remaining 30% economics will be split equally among the two co-managers--Wells Fargo and JP Morgan on the initial transaction--and the group of selling group members.
Quarto will be responsible for building the independent broker-dealer selling group and overseeing compliance activities for Realty Capital Securities, LLC.
Reattribution of loss carryforwards is available to the selling group and may be the preferred method for realizing the benefit of those losses, especially if the losses apportioned to the departing member are not severely limited and the selling group cannot generate sufficient capital gains to offset the capital loss on the sale of the subsidiary.
The sales performance of our Direct Selling Group continues to be adversely affected by the softness in our Italian operation, the devaluation of the Mexican peso and the exiting of the U.
This program added six black firms to its 48-member debenture selling group and created a 10-point plan for the firms to underwrite discount notes, long-term debentures and notes, mortgage-backed securities and real estate mortgage investment conduits (REMICs).
The tax benefit to the nonconsolidated selling group will not be greater than the lesser of these two amounts.
This figure marks Clayman's team as the top selling group thus far this year, a record she has held for years 2000 and 2001.
Unless the selling group formally elects to apportion some of its consolidated Sec.
The basic facts assumed are that Target is a 100-percent subsidiary in Selling Group, that Target and its wholly owned Subsidiaries are being acquired in a taxable purchase by Acquiring Group, no section 338 election is being made and both Selling Group and Acquiring Group file consolidated returns.