selling climax

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Selling climax

A sudden drop in security prices as sellers dump their holdings.

Selling Climax

The point at which a security becomes so oversold at high trading volume that it precipitates an upward market correction. It is an example of a market bottom that precedes a rally. See also: Buying Climax.

selling climax

A period of very high volume and sharp downward movement in the stock market. A selling climax generally signals the end of a prolonged bear market. Also called climax. Compare buying climax.
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While the impact of the China report quickly waned, Tanaka warned that the dollar may decline further against the yen, possibly to as low as the 105 yen level, before reaching its selling climax at the year-end.
We saw the selling climax in the morning,'' said Kazuhiro Takahashi, head of the equity planning and administration department at Daiwa Securities SMBC Co.
Brokers were pessimistic about the prospects of the market, saying the selling climax has yet to arrive.