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A person or organization that relinquishes ownership of some asset in exchange for some monetary compensation. In a cash sale, the seller receives cash or a cash equivalent immediately in exchange for the asset. In a credit sale, the seller surrenders ownership immediately in exchange for future payment, often with interest. A seller is distinguished by the fact that he/she receives payment, as opposed to a buyer, who gives payment, or a donor, who relinquishes an asset for free. See also: Buyer.
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a supplier of a GOOD, SERVICE or FINANCIAL SECURITY. In the first two cases, a broad distinction can be made between suppliers of goods and services such as raw materials, components, plant and equipment which are used to produce other products (that is, suppliers of industrial products) and sellers of products for personal consumption (that is, suppliers of consumer products).

The distinction between these two groups is important in terms of the application of appropriate MARKETING STRATEGIES.

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Regarding subheadings, there was moderate agreement for empty sella, tortuosity of the optic nerve, and non-specific white matter lesions, fair agreement for flattened posterior globe/sclera and transverse venous sinus stenosis, and substantial agreement for transverse venous sinus hypoplasia.
class="MsoNormalspan xml:lang="EN-GBIn the meantime, I have reduced the number of times I pick or drop Sella. Until things quieten.
We found insertion of main or accessory septa to carotid canal in 28 cases, which makes 35% of patients; 2 cases (2.5%) to optic nerve projection; 21 cases (26.25%) to sella turcica and carotid(s) in case of 9 patients (11.25%); carotid(s) and lateral wall(s) in 5 patients (6.25%) and only in 1 case to sella, carotid and lateral wall.
Ski slopes radiate outwards from its sheer rock walls and the formation gives its name to one of the sport's most famous ski circuits - the Sella Ronda.
Sella has expressed his appreciation of the keenness of the Secretariat General of the council to support the African youth issues.
"We had the idea of producing a cement mixer that can be disassembled after observing the operative needs of our dealers," said Paolo Sella, owner of the Venetian company.
The entire tumor was extradural, and the sella was intact, with no extension superiorly into the sella or posteriorly through the clival dura, confirming an exclusively infrasellar location.
Pathologic hyperprolactinaemia may be due Microadenoma, Macroadenoma and empty sella syndrome (partial or complete).