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Sell Off

The rapid sale of a security by a large number of holders. This increases the supply of the security available for sale and therefore drives down the price. Sell-offs occur for a number of reasons. A stock may drop suddenly in price if its company issues a negative earnings report, or if there are reports of a new technology rendering the company's product obsolete, or if the company's costs rise. Sell-offs also happen for other, perhaps less rational reasons. For example, a natural disaster, which may or may not affect supplies, can cause a sell-off. See also: Panic Sale.


A general decline in security prices. This term generally refers to a short- or intermediate-term decline rather than to an extended period of falling prices.


A sell-off is a period of intense selling of securities and commodities triggered by declining prices. Sell-offs -- sometimes called dumping -- usually cause prices to plummet even more sharply.

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He added: "The sell-off in developed markets and the currency crisis that we had in few emerging markets has triggered some profit-taking in the UAE market but the trend is intact so far.
It said there has been 35 school fields sell-offs presented to the government, 30 from Conservative councils, four from Labour councils, one from Lib councils.
All tenant landlords have been sent letters informing them of Punch's sell-off.
6 per cent as a recent sell-off attracted bargain hunters.
Summary: The Government is to stage a Au16 billion asset sell-off as part of moves to stabilise the public finances.
The anticipated sell-off of the EOP portfolio got underway as soon as the ink was dry on the REIT's record-breaking $39 billion purchase by Blackstone last week, and New York developer, Harry Macklowe, was first off the mark.
The sell-off plans led to a 500-name protest petition.
Even the sell-off of some 107,000 tons of copper by China's State Reserve Bureau announced in late November did not move the market downward.
First of all, there is evidence that the early, more aggressive hands among foreign investors are taking profits, and this is nowhere more apparent than in the sell-off of the banks.
government's lawsuit against Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) helped spur a rampant technology sell-off, sending the Nasdaq composite index into bear market territory.
But the sell-off windfalls masked a fall in underlying profits which were hit by poor performance from its 54 per cent-owned subsidiary Hong Kong Telecom.
The sell-off of the two hydroelectric plants under construction is not as clear-cut.