sell side

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Sell Side

sell side

The portion of the securities business in which orders are transacted. The sell side includes retail brokers, institutional brokers and traders, and research departments. If an institutional portfolio manager changes jobs and becomes a registered representative, he or she has moved from the buy side to the sell side. Compare buy side.

Sell side.

Brokerage firms and other financial services companies that buy and sell investments as agents for retail investors as well as for their own accounts are described as the sell side of Wall Street.

Sell-side institutions employ analysts to research potential investments and make buy, hold, or sell recommendations that the firm's brokers may make available to their clients to help guide their investment decisions.

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27 -- Buy side to invest in IT to reduce dependence on brokers whilst sell side will focus on product accounting for more complex, multi-asset strategies
Calusdian says that while it is still important for small-cap firms to court the sell side, it is much more effective for management to meet directly with the buy side to tell their company's story.
The company said the new title is designed to be the "voice" of the sell side and provide stock analysis, research and commentary for money managers.
has announced the launch of JavTrader, a web-based, front-end technology that lets traders consolidate orders from their portfolio management system and route them directly to the sell side through an established FIX connection.
Now, the sell side, smaller in size but not necessarily stature, is flanked by a beefed-up and certainly more sophisticated institutional investor buy side which is spearheading more of its own research and hiring third-party supplemental research providers.
Black (Delphi Management): We don't care about the sell side.