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The UV-visible spectra of the compression molded sheets of the segmented polyurethanes were determined by a Hitachi 2001 UV spectrophotometer at a scanning rate of 200 nm/min.
The DSC heating curves from--100 to 250[degrees]C of the compression molded the segmented polyurethanes and polyols were determined by a Perkin Elmer differential scanning calorimeter, DSC 7, at a heating rate of 20[degrees]C/min under nitrogen.
The tensile stress-strain data of the compression molded sheets of the segmented polyurethanes in dumbbell specimens were determined by an Instron 4469 Universal Testing Machine at an extension rate of 200 mm/min at 23[degrees]C.
In 2002, Brampton Engineering introduced a segmented die based not on heating the lip, but on deforming it to alter the die gap.
The rehabilitation market can also be segmented on the basis of the educational level of consumers.
The chemical structures of our segmented polyurethane, SEU, and polyurethaneurea, SEUU, are shown in figure 1.
Syntheses of segmented polyurethane and polyurethaneurea
The synthetic conditions and a few results of characterization of segmented polyurethanes and polyurethaneureas are shown in table 2.
While all these projects either are waiting or may wait for the University of Arizona shop to cast mirrors for them, two projects for segmented mirrors also go forward.