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GOST 7.67 Latin three-letter geocode for Romania. The code is used for transactions to and from Romanian bank accounts and for international shipping to Romania. As with all GOST 7.67 codes, it is used primarily in Cyrillic alphabets.
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ROM (Read Only Memory)

a COMPUTER memory device from which data can be read but which cannot be written on to. The contents of such memory are fixed when the computer is manufactured, being incorporated in ROM micro chips.
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Security planning starts with a TLS secure network, and extends to secure boot and safe software update.
Like secure boot, secure firmware updates ensure the device is always running trusted code and blocks any attacks attempting to exploit the device's firmware update process.
It also began to sell, at 99 dollars, a secure boot' activation key for launching alternative systems, a move which developers have called blackmail'.
For security, Solaris 11 will offer a secure by default startup to secure the data set as well as secure boot and enforced role-based access.
Buying an open car always carries with it a security worry and to cope with this Ford offers a standard Thatcham CAT1 perimeter alarm, remote control central locking, engine immobiliser and secure boot.
Thatcham's CAT1 perimeter alarm, remote central locking, engine immobiliser and secure boot ensure a low 7A insurance rating.
"I would like if players were in a position to secure boot deals and clothing deals.
Red Balloon Security, a embedded device security firm, has discovered a high-risk vulnerability in Cisco's secure boot process which impacts a wide range of Cisco products in use among enterprise and government networks, including routers, switches and firewalls, the company said.
"Typically, secure boot relies on a combination of an authenticated boot firmware and boot loader along with digitally signed boot files to provide its security guarantees.
San Diego, CA, May 09, 2018 --( Express Logic, provider of the comprehensive X-Ware IoT Platform[R] Secure Cloud (SC) powered by the industry-leading ThreadX[R] RTOS with more than 6.2 billion deployments, announced today that it has integrated the STMicroelectronics' Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update v.2.0 services with its X-Ware IoT Platform for its developers using the STM32-family of ARM[R] Cortex[R]-M microcontrollers.
The CryptoManager Root of Trust offers the primary processor a full array of security services, such as secure boot and runtime integrity checking, remote authentication and attestation, and hardware acceleration for symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms.

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