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But the scholars' position in giving direction to society had to follow the intelligentsia's secularly designed lead as justified by the claim that the intelligentsia was "close to all segments of the Muslim population ...
(3) After a summary of some of this criticism, we'll be in a position to consider the relation of Eliot's dialectical ambitions to the binary between religiosity and secularly that informs Said's evaluation of his late poetry.
For, in light of speculative non-buddhist heuristics, all forms of x-buddhism--from the most scientistically covert, such as MBSR and "mindfulness," and the most progressively, agnostically, atheistically, secularly, liberal to the most religiously overt and conservatively orthodox--are the same.
(140) However, even though he labels this a problem of identifying plurality with neutrality, his true critique is of the Court's version of neutrality, "not presented as the equal right to public religious expression but rather a public space free from the impositions of religion." (141) He explains the deeply flawed end result of defining pluralism through a secularly guided structure: the application of such a principle, by definition, inevitably limits public religious expression.
This transcendence is horizontal, so to speak; the theory resting on it operates laterally, "secularly," Levinas remarks.
religiously or secularly? As I remarked to my good friend George Judge recently, an important basic issue is whether it is possible to transform the religious area of study into a scientific discipline.
It is claustrophobic yet sprawling, subtle yet dramatic, secularly conservative yet socially progressive.
The effect of even mild nonrandom growth, as might remain in TL trucking, appears to have been sufficient to pose resistance to the Gibrat implication of secularly rising concentration resulting from the purely random component of firm growth.
(65) In the meantime, covenant marriage serves as a sanctuary for religious married couples from the coarseness and fragility of marriage secularly conceived and as a remnant--imperfect without a doubt--of the Christian conception of marriage described in Mulieris Dignitatem.
Europe's Christian Democratic parties have long used the term "secularly Christian" to describe their distinctive objectives, and only the Dutch CDA has responded to the presence of non-Christian conservative voters by developing an Abrahamic approach, emphasizing the presumed commonality among Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, to the representation of the interests of believers.
571 1791 12474 # Europe's share fell secularly from 1914 to 1980 but then began to reverse course, with the growth of intra-EU FDI, following the Single European Act of 1986 and the creation of the euro.
Director DuBois noted that the council, when it begins its work, will have as one of its missions helping to generate "a legal and constitutional basis for the office." I've known many of these people for a very long time, and the chance that they could come up with a consensus on controversial issues such as "employment preferences" or even how to separate religious activities from secularly funded activities at an institution is absolutely nil.