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With the length of the leg bones being the best indicator of a person's height [25], the increase in the length of femur and tibia allowed the estimation of the increase in height and secular trend for the investigated period.
excluded obese boys from their study and were confident that, in healthy populations, the secular trend of stature increase has little impact on the timing of puberty in healthy boys.
However, only the responses to the pediatric case scenarios improved significantly among physicians in practice >10 years (p = 0.027) after accounting for the secular trend in Minnesota.
The outcome of the academic paper and government and accounting action varied by country, but the secular trend, in hindsight, is clear: a shift towards asset-liability matching, intended to reduce pension volatility and its subsequent effect on corporate profits.
In the very long-term, however, bulls like to point out that the secular trend of industrialization and urbanization in emerging market economies will likely drive commodities higher.
He begins by established a framework for interpretation which includes such aspects as the nature of farming, the pace of change or the secular trend, spatial diversity, and agricultural districts.
"The harsh reality is that weakening consumer demand, rising input costs of ink and newsprint, a slowdown in advertising, and a long term secular trend away from print towards online readership have already resulted in negative normalized free cash flow for Sun-Times of roughly $20 million per quarter on average since 2006," Davidson Kempner wrote.
We considered the effects of potential secular trend by systematically improving processes of care in the pre-HDC scenario, thereby decreasing the difference between the pre-HDC and HDC scenarios.
The topics include the secular trend of timing of puberty, the adrenal function of low-birthweight children, the molecular genetics of isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and Kallmann syndrome, gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue treatment for precocious puberty, polycycstic ovary syndrome in adolescence, and present and future options for preserving fertility in female adolescents with cancer.
Here, we evaluate whether this background antimicrobial use may be responsible for the downward secular trend in the prevalence of trachoma.
He said: "The outlook for worldwide growth is improving, the secular trend towards lower inflation and lower interest rates remains in place, and Japan is the key swing factor in the global outlook."