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section (federal code)

A particularly numbered subpart of some federal law.The text of any federal law may be found by going to the Office of the Law Revision Counsel at and clicking on “Search the U.S. Code.” Laws written as, for example,“26 U.S.C. Section 121,”“26 U.S.C. §121,”or sometimes “U.S.C.A.”or “U.S.C.S.”consist of a “title”(26 in the example) and a “section”(121 in the example).Entering the appropriate title and section will bring up the text of the law. See also U.S.C.

section (of land)

A section is a specific area of land measuring 1 square mile. See public land survey system.

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Intense security measures included up to 18-foot outer walls topped with barbed wire and internal walls that sectioned off different parts of the compound.
The planes were seen on a site owned by BAE Systems at Woodford in Stockport, with their cockpit windows taped up, close to an area sectioned off by tarpaulin sheets where they are being broken up.
On the banks of the river over the weekend, two police tents and a police van were sectioned off from the road by police tape.
The Haia's attention was drawn to the seating arrangement for the event where women sat in an area sectioned off for men because there was a better view of the presentation.
The clever use of double doors means the entire area works well either as an openplan style living and entertaining space or can be sectioned off privately as required.
Well, step foot inside this quaint - homey feeling - small sectioned off dining room, and New England is where you step into.
Claxton said the larger office will unite Sustainable Connections into one large office that can be sectioned off for different departments.
The murderer, 61, was pounced on by a sex offender in an area sectioned off for the most hated inmates.
The restaurant is sectioned off from the bar by a curtain and boasts freshly-laid tables, with white table clothes and leather armchairs.
The worker at the start of the conveyor should place castings on the belt at regular intervals; it helps to have it sectioned off with white stripes approximately 18-in.
First, Ontario's community territory is not sectioned off like it is in Quebec and second, "there (are) a lot of treaties out there that are still outstanding.