secondary offering

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Secondary Offering

An IPO in which privately held shares in a corporation are sold to the public.

Secondary Distribution

The sale of a security that has already been issued. Generally speaking, it refers to the sale of a security by a private investor (usually a corporation) to a member of the general public. It is also called a secondary offering. See also: Secondary market.

secondary offering

Secondary offering.

The most common form of secondary offering occurs when an investor, usually a corporation, but sometimes an individual, sells a large block of stock or other securities it has been holding in its portfolio to the public.

In a sale of this kind, all the profits go to the seller rather than the company that issued the securities in the first place. The seller usually pays all the commissions.

Secondary offerings can also originate with the issuing companies themselves. In these cases, a company issues additional shares of its stock, over and above those sold in its initial public offering (IPO), or it reissues shares that were issued and have been bought up by the company over time. Reissued shares are known as Treasury stock.

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Non-magnetic IV infusion pump company IRadimed (NasdaqCM:IRMD) revealed on Friday that it has priced its secondary offering of 1,043,479 shares of its common stock at USD24.
Put simply, under the New Law, in a secondary offering, selling founders may not sell shares to the public in excess of 30% of the issued capital of the company.
11 June 2014 - Switzerland-based financial services firm Credit Suisse Securities LLC (NYSE: CS) said it is serving as the sole underwriter for a secondary offering of New Jersey US-based packaging firm Sealed Air Corp's (NYSE: SEE) common stock.
NYSE: DST) said it has priced a previously announced underwritten secondary offering by the Argyros Family Trust and certain of its affiliates of 5,357,200 shares of DST Systems' common stock at a price of USD84.
The number of shares sold under the Treasury Offering has not been changed from the announcement indicated on May 13, 2013, and AutoCanada will not receive any proceeds from the Secondary Offering.
Under the secondary offering of shares, ANA is offering 37,500,000 shares of its common stock.
True, a number of them would have participated in a secondary offering, but a number would not have, so the company reached a broader audience.
Continental Building Products Inc (NYSE:CBPX) disclosed on Friday that an affiliate of Lone Star Funds and the company's largest stockholder (the selling stockholder), will commence an underwritten secondary offering of 4,000,000 shares of its common stock, under the company's existing shelf registration statement declared effective on 6 March 2015.
The secondary offering will be held simultaneously in the US and globally.
Provider of semiconductor solutions NXP Semiconductors NV (Nasdaq:NXPI) on Wednesday announced that the secondary offering of 30 million shares of its common stock by certain of its shareholders will be priced at USD30.