secondary market

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Secondary market

The market in which securities are traded after they are initially offered in the primary market. Most trading occurs in the secondary market. The New York Stock Exchange, as well as all other stock exchanges and the bond markets, are secondary markets. Seasoned securities are traded in the secondary market.

Secondary Market

The market for all investors in a security, except for the first ones to whom a new issue of a security is sold. The secondary market consists of all sellers and buyers, except for the issuer and the first group of investors who bought the issue. The secondary market is often less volatile than the primary market because it is easier to determine the underlying value of a security after it has already begun trading. Nearly all trading of a security occurs on the secondary market.

secondary market

The market in which existing securities are traded among investors through an intermediary. Organized exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange facilitate the trading of securities in the secondary market. Also called aftermarket. Compare fourth market, primary market, third market.

Secondary market.

When investors buy and sell securities through a brokerage account, the transactions occur on what's known as the secondary market.

While the secondary market isn't a place, it includes all of the exchanges, trading rooms, and electronic networks where these transactions take place.

The issuer -- company or government -- that sold the security initially receives no proceeds from these trades, as it does when the securities are sold for the first time.

secondary market

A general description for the sale and purchase of financial instruments.The New York Stock Exchange is a secondary market for shares of stock. Although there is not a similar central exchange vehicle,trading in existing mortgages is also called the secondary market.

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In the secondary market, 1,020 residential units sold were over Dh5 million compared to 14,520 units which were under Dh5 million.
But in the apartment category, the situation was such that gains were made on both the number of units sold and the average value these deals fetched in the secondary market. So, what could explain the sudden improvement in sales values at a time when the wider market is still downbeat?
The secondary market refers to previously owned properties while the primary market refers to new properties by developers.
On one end of the spectrum, illiquid assets such as property and private equity funds, show the greatest number of issuer advantages if they use digital securities that trade on a secondary market. The three main advantages being: - Increased liquidity: Illiquid assets, such as property, will not suddenly trade at high volumes but it will improve the current situation.
Other communities seeing a lot of traction in super-luxury residential sales worth Dh40 million and above are Emirates Hills (secondary market) and Bulgari Resort & Residences (off-plan) in Jumeirah Bay.
42 basis points up from the secondary market rate of 4.8648 percent.
R1 rates or market rates for the 91-day tenor that closed in the morning settled at 3.878 percent, while secondary market rates or R2 rates that were closed in the afternoon settled at 3.305 percent for the tenor.
An increasingly liquid market also means that funds are finding their way into the secondary market, now that the government has hit its domestic borrowing target before the end of the fiscal year and is therefore unwilling to take up a lot of money in primary auctions.Some of the excess liquidity may also find its way to the equities market, which also recorded a rise in traded turnover last month to Sh18.4 billion from Sh15.1 billion in April.
What are Secondary Market Tax Liens: Liens that were purchased at the tax sale by an investor that are now being sold, or "assigned" to another investor.
An extended use of the templates is expected to widen the investor base, lower entry barriers to potential investors, improve data quality and availability, support price discovery and facilitate the development of the NPL secondary market.
The Public Debt Management Office (PDMO) said that it selected seven international investment banks to help develop an "efficient" secondary market for Cypriot government securities.
Investors who wish to sell their positions in these funds tend to bear those transaction costs, according to The Liquidity Cost of Private Equity Investments: Evidence from Secondary Market Transactions (NBER Working Paper No.

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