secondary distribution

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Secondary Distribution

The sale of a security that has already been issued. Generally speaking, it refers to the sale of a security by a private investor (usually a corporation) to a member of the general public. It is also called a secondary offering. See also: Secondary market.

secondary distribution

The sale of a block of existing, not newly issued, securities with the proceeds going to the present holders rather than to the issuing firm. An especially large secondary distribution may put pressure on the security's price until the additional shares or bonds have been assimilated in the market. Also called secondary offering. Compare primary distribution. See also registered secondary distribution, special offering, spot secondary distribution.
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The new Aegis36 means that customers in Africa and around the world are able to select Lucy Electric ring main products across the full secondary distribution voltage range.
Clayville CDC does the secondary distribution for all of the Clover branded products as well as the following well-known brands: RedBull, Epic, Unilever, Dairy Belle, Escort and Enterprise
Ring main units are extensively used by companies for secondary distribution networks and to protect their critical instruments.
Jiangsu, Sichuan, Liaoning, Fujian, Jilin and Shanghai are the secondary distribution areas for this industry.
He will report to general manager Moses Dodo and oversee the primary and secondary distribution of syndicated loans and structured loan products, the firm said in a statement.
The contract covers ABB's 24-kV SafeRing ring main units (RMUs) for the upgrade of ESB's secondary distribution network.
Sobey's Warehouse in Trois-Rivieres, QC, uses an ammonia central chiller and glycol secondary distribution fluid system, and can operate in free cooling mode using the thermosiphon principle.
The second, the business solution, is far better economically than a legal solution for thwarting this shady secondary distribution system.
The outsourced secondary distribution is seeking to reduce the wages of a loyal workforce by up to pounds 7,000, which is another example of workers' interests coming behind profit.
The initial public offering (IPO) of shares on the NYSE corresponds to the international offer and is part of the global offer that TAM is making in Brazil and abroad by means of a simultaneous primary distribution of 5,000,000 new preference shares and a secondary distribution of 30,618,098 shares belonging to existing shareholders.
In a deal worth 7 million [pounds sterling] per annum over the next three years, NYK Logistics has been appointed to provide a dedicated secondary distribution service from Netto's RDCs (regional distribution centres) at Daventry and South Elmsall, West Yorkshire.
54 billion yen, while fees from acting as an intermediary in helping corporate clients sell securities in either a new or secondary distribution formula to the public rose 18.

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