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Thomson Reuters Capital Market Securities (Debt and Equity Capital Markets) data exclude non-firmly underwritten offerings, best efforts transactions, open market transactions that are structured around basket securities, Secondary Bond Offerings, transactions that mature in less than 360 days after settle ment, transactions with issue size less than US $1 million, and European domestic bonds.
The company is involved in securities business that includes investing in secondary stock market, bidding for new offerings, secondary bond market business, investing in funds, and initiating securities trust program; foreign exchange business in managing its own capital in foreign currency, and running foreign exchange trust business; and enterprise annuity and assets securitization business.
Bangladesh Bank (BB) has released a new software to activate the secondary bond market by providing an additionally investor friendly online platform to purchase and sell government securities, including treasury bills and bonds.
Issuers and Financial Services," chaired by Patricia BARBIZET, Chief Executive of Artemis: to stimulate the financing circuits, especially investment in equities and the secondary bond market, and to improve the quality of financial services.
This enables primary dealers to fulfil their secondary bond market quoting obligations in these markets on the platform.
By using its almost infinitely flexible balance sheet to buy government and commercial bonds from secondary bond markets -- i.
The central bank has, under the rules established by European treaty law, some very special powers: It can create money on its own balance sheet and use it to buy financial assets like high-quality corporate or government bonds off secondary bond markets.
Investor concern spread into the secondary bond market with Italian yields once again moving above the key seven percent mark, a borrowing rate economists believe is unsustainable.
He is an experienced professional with a solid track record in international deal distribution, structured transactions and the secondary bond market," said Roger Karam, President and Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank Brazil.
Other reforms that the CMA is considering include allowing foreigners to take part in Islamic issues or participate on the secondary bond market, though this, along with a suggestion that short selling be permitted, was probably a long way off, Al-Tuwaijri said.
The technology also offers features such as online bidding in the secondary bond market and market news.
The state has planned measures to spur the secondary bond market - a move that could encourage more corporate debt issues - but many changes are still in the works.