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In the case of secondary substances, when we speak, for instance, of 'man' or 'animal', our form of speech gives the impression that we are here also indicating that which is individual, but the impression is not strictly true; for a secondary substance is not an individual, but a class with a certain qualification; for it is not one and single as a primary substance is; the words 'man', 'animal', are predicable of more than one subject.
Secondary sexual characters are highly variable, and such characters differ much in the species of the same group.
Adaptation, according to him, is merely a secondary activity, a mere re-activity, and he is therefore quite opposed to Spencer's definition: "Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations.
A secondary desire, derived from a false judgment as to a primary desire, has its own power of influencing action, and is therefore a real desire according to our definition.
This desire for beliefs, as opposed to desire for the actual facts, is a particular case of secondary desire, and, like all secondary desire its satisfaction does not lead to a complete cessation of the initial discomfort.
These mistaken beliefs generate secondary desires, which cause various interesting complications in the psychology of human desire, without fundamentally altering the character which it shares with animal desire.
the Minister of Education, not only for the experience students get out of those programs, but for going in line with the ministry's directions, represented by the Secondary Education Directory, to develop the skills of students.
Understanding the basic concepts, principle of operation, and equipment used for gas metering, gas sensing/monitoring, secondary gas flow instrumentation, and sampling
The yield spread the gap between prime and secondary yields is set to peak this year, then narrow to near-2008 levels by 2017, which would generate stronger secondary capital growth via the yield compression.
Other schools to take part were Jidhaffs Girls Secondary School, Al Noor Girls Secondary School, Saar Girls Secondary School, Umaima Bint Al Noaman Girls Secondary School, Al Ma'arefa Girls Secondary School, Naim Girls Secondary School, the Shaikh Khalifa Institute of Technology and West Riffa Girls Secondary School.
There are approximately 400,000 Americans with MS and close to 50% of patients have secondary progressive MS.
Type of participants: String, woodwind, brass and percussion instrumentalists and ensembles Age or grade level Secondary.