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So, from any [x.sub.0], [x.sub.-1] [member of] B([x.sub.*], R), the sequence {[x.sub.n]} of the modified secant method is convergent, the root [x.sub.*] [member of] B([x.sub.*], R), and by mathematical induction [x.sub.n] [member of] B([x.sub.*], R)(n [greater than or equal to] 1).
The results and analytical analysis showed that the use of Secant method greatly reduced the computational complexity as compared to other techniques discussed by (Stoer and Bulirsch, 2013).
Again, as before, Newton's method does not always converge, but when it does, it does so faster (p = 2) than the bisection method (p = 1) and the secant method [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
In this section, at first we briefly discuss the modified secant equation proposed by Li and Fukushima [23], being necessary in explanation of our modified scaled CG method.
Although conformal mappings have no exact geometric representation, the obtained restriction [[phi].sub.1] + [[phi].sub.2] > 0 is the condition of the construction of geometric secant cone with the apex above the North Pole.
For the convergence of Secant Method, initial guess should be close to the root.
During Step 1, participants were exposed to a brief lecture regarding the basic operations sine (sin), cosine (cos), secant (sec), and cosecant (csc) and how these functions appear on the coordinate axes.
WILLIE MULLINS can do little wrong at present and the champion trainer can quickly get his followers cheering at Thurles this afternoon with Wee Giant and Secant Star.
He doesn't have the experience of some of his rivals - in addition to having a 333-day absence to overcome - but it is still hard to look past Secant Star.
* XDMDA-6630 for bottles has 0.3 MI, 27 HLMI, tensile yield strength of 3400 to 3800 psi, 2% secant flex modulus of 165 to 175 kpsi, and tensile impact strength of 100 to 140 ft-lb/[in..sup.2]
In this case it is necessary to consider that using the approximation of a certain section AFC by the segment of line (secant) will lead to obtain frequency [[omega].sup.*.sub.p], greater than the required frequency [[omega].sup.p].