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3 -- color) Sea stacks loom at Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park.
Sea stacks dot the deep blue Pacific, and feathered creatures glide in the endless breeze.
Only a very fine balance can create sea stacks,' says Ierodiaconou.
Black Sea stacks the odds against the characters, but Law's thick Scottish accent is more ship-shape than the script.
Geology 101: Made of basalt, Haystack Rock rises 235 feet and is considered one of the largest sea stacks along the Pacific Coast; Bishop says some 14 1/2 million years ago, the Ginkgo lava flow, originating in Eastern Washington, flowed down Columbia River drainage to the ocean, where the basalt sunk and then "re-erupted" to make Haystack Rock.
My favourite was the Westquarter loop which takes in impressive cliffs, stunning coves and sea stacks, home to a colony of seals.
From the clifftop grassland of The Leas, walkers can take in views of its bays, sea stacks, caves, seabird colonies and wildflower swathes.
The coast of Oregon is rugged and lined with sea stacks, huge chunks of land sculpted by erosion.
We stopped frequently to take photos of impossibly high cliffs, black sandy beaches, water-filled volcano craters, caves and teetering sea stacks.