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Stop mixer and add sour cream, eggs and vanilla; beat 3 minutes longer, again stopping mixer and scraping down sides of bowl and under blade as necessary.
Meanwhile, to prepare sauce, place baking dish over moderate heat, scraping up any bits that cling to bottom.
He should be commended for ``calling the Sheriff's Department immediately as soon as he heard scraping and shattering sounds and not confronting those two,'' Myers said.
Finally, the scientists compared methods of stinger removal: the medically correct scraping technique vs.
STC now offers an integrated screen scraping solution that seamlessly connects an external system to DataGate without the need to modify legacy applications.
If they have the right to say we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, I have a right to read to the jury the statements of 45 witnesses we were not allowed to call," said Abramson, who represents Erik Menendez.
ShieldSquare, the leading anti-scraping solution provider, is launching two ground-breaking tools[ Scraping Vulnerability Scanner & Free Diagnosis Plan] that will give online businesses a free and simple way to diagnose scraping vulnerabilities and check for online threats from bots.
Scrapy Cluster provides anyone with the ability to scale Scrapy instances across one or more machines, coordinate their scraping effort for desired sites, persist across scraping jobs, or have multiple scraping jobs running at the same time.
Contract notice: Supply of steel snow removal elements scraping rubber winter equipment, pigging elements polyurethane rubber rollers for bib, metal products, paints and other materials for the general council of the lozere
Complicating matters further is that the vast majority of scraping activity occurs under cover of darkness.
In traditional scraping processing, features of the high points are recognized by human eye and measured by very simple tools after the operation, such as position, contour, density distribution and so on.
The new paper suggests that the imbalance more likely developed as a result of spending hours scraping animal hides with stones - a stage in the production of clothes.